OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhilst I lived in Kolkata, the rooftop of the apartment building became a place of retreat, refreshment, and of reflection. I look down at my hands now, and I still recall vividly the grittiness of the wall I rested upon, of gently running my fingers across the top of it to feel the grain shifting beneath them, and of the sun’s residual warmth within the concrete. Read More

It has now almost been a month since myself and a few close friends were on a five-hour train ride to Murshidabad, with Kerry + one of the most iconic women of Freeset.


North of Kolkata, this district is one that is known to have a few issues surrounding trafficking of young girls to larger cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata. Desperation, corruption, and trickery, are just some of the ways in which this occurs, and each just as heartbreaking as the next.


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If you are in search of a heart-warming tune to hum along all the days of your life, you have just found it.

Luke Thompson’s ‘On a Slow Boat to China’ is an incredible song, and reminds me of the “Que, Sera Sera,” our mothers would sing to us - what will be, will be.

This generous artist has offered up his new album To The Common Dark free to whomever seeks it, but if you are feeling equally as generous, you can send a donation for his beautiful creations via PayPal.

Check out his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Firstly, I must apologise for my absence over the past week – work has been super busy and stressful lately; this is a good thing! It means more women can be freed.

But I am back, and will do my best to update regularly again! Although I do go to Sri Lanka in just over a week…

So this weeks blog is Alchemy, run by Belinda, who has her own crafting business up and running. She features not only her own work on her blog, but also a few other’s. She often visits craft markets, and events similar to these (naturally as one would if you were into the crafting scene), and captures photographs of the things that inspire her, or stand out.

Alchemy is definitely a good place to see what cute things she is creating – such as the knitted necklaces above – and also to source other crafty/artsy/creative people and their work.


I forgot to do my ‘song of the week’ yesterday! So here it is:

April Smith and the Great Picture Show is definitely one of my favourite groups – April Smith’s voice is just so unique and happy and I have a girl crush on her basically.

This song has always had me dreaming of a man travelling over oceans to come and sweep me off my feet… any takers?

You can also watch another live version (poorer quality, but epic stage presence) here.

What I love about a good collection is their use of a single digital (or screen-printed) design that continues throughout, used in a few different ways to change its look, yet allows each garment to tie in with the rest of the collection.

This Resort 2013 collection from ACNE is a perfect example of this – they have changed the colours of the two-colour money print, from high contrasting green against white, or a more subtle cream. I also love the offset use of their brand upon the sleeves of a few garments (and the hats!) – if something is going to be ‘branded’, it needs to be bold like this I believe.

Although it seems quite ironic to be pairing a ‘money’ print with blatant branding – when people buy into a garment (because it is labelled), say a plain white tee with a tiny logo, it bumps up the bill dramatically! I enjoy the irony though in this case.

Danni is a blogger, crafter, and graphic designer, who consistently posts about her different crafting or designing projects, or about up-coming craft sales where she regularly sets-up-shop to sell her goodies, or weddings she has helped decorate.

I have been reading her blog Oh, hello friend for a couple of years now, and I must say the things she creates, and what she comes up with is continually genius.

From DIY projects, packaging inspiration, or picture-series surrounding a theme, you can find many treasures hidden all through her website!

Designer Agla Stefánsdóttir has a beautiful way of capturing her accessories with the use of photographer Evelin Saul - the colours, atmosphere, and character are all portrayed through interaction with nature; which so happens to be one of the elements she was inspired by, “How can we apply our immediate environment and our natural resources to beautify us?”

This collection, L’Orangerie from 2010 is absolutely beautiful.
Each photograph links back to her website.


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