An interview with Slanted Mansion’s Siobhan Frost

As a follow up on this post about the website Slanted Mansion, I have a small interview for you with Siobhan Frost, the mastermind behind such an intriguing site:

What inspired you to create this site? Seeing other non-styled creative interior books and blogs. It’s always interesting to see what cool bits and pieces people have laying around. In addition to the photos, I wanted to have some ‘more meat in the sandwich’ – as my friend (and editor) Sheena Coffey likes to put it (even more amusing seeing she is a vegetarian!). I was also keen to see more from people in those not so commonly looked to places for creativity. 

Do you have a favourite creative person? Anyone who is passionate about what they do, and super inspired by those that take extra steps to forge a new path or project for themselves.
Who can we expect to see featured on your blog in the future? Good question! I am off to Moscow this week, so hopefully (if I dont get too lost!) some interesting people from there…One last question Siobhan, do you approach people, or do people approach you to be featured? It started with me contacting my friends, and then friends of friends. And now sometimes I will browse online and contact them. Only a few people have contacted me, but it has to align with when I can / am travelling – so those haven’t happened yet!
Click on the photo above to link to one of his most recent projects, where he meets make-up artist Regina Törnwall.

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