Rooftop Pool Party: Kolkata Style

Over the weekend just passed, I was pretty excited to splash around in some cool water during the heat waves parching Kolkata, India, where I am currently living.

What made this even more exciting was the fact that ‘splashing around’ involved some of the guys here flooding a roof, setting up a bar, turning some music up, and handing out mango lassi’s in bamboo cups.

I thought that you might at least have some interest in how we manage to find large comforts in small packages. Also in pretty big packages like this!

I had a lot of fun running around, taking a few photographs, and capturing the moments that I will never forget.

All photos link back to my blog where you can read a bit more about this adventure I have taken on.

    • Thanks! It definitely was a treat to partake in such activities :)

  1. Erika said:

    Hahaha, what a different picture I had in mind of a rooftop party! Refreshingly different :)

    • It was definitely something I had never witnessed before! :)

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