Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

Rufus Wainwright’s creation Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk is like a quiet night in with a large bag of candies, a glass of wine, and lounging next to a crackling fire with a good movie playing.
Preferably Moulin Rouge.

I mean his lyrics are a great description of this scenario…:

“If i should buy jellybeans,
Have to eat them all in just one sitting,
Everything it seems i like’s a little bit sweeter,
A little bit fatter,
A little bit harmful for me.”

I am far from living out this scene, as I am in an Indian summer, holding a frozen water-bottle to my chest in a desperate attempt to cool down, and trying to sit with minimal skin-to-skin contact with myself because the monsoon rains are refusing to fall. But I can dream, right?

Give this song a little listen, you will not regret it.


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