Kolkata reveries.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhilst I lived in Kolkata, the rooftop of the apartment building became a place of retreat, refreshment, and of reflection. I look down at my hands now, and I still recall vividly the grittiness of the wall I rested upon, of gently running my fingers across the top of it to feel the grain shifting beneath them, and of the sun’s residual warmth within the concrete. Read More


It has now almost been a month since myself and a few close friends were on a five-hour train ride to Murshidabad, with Kerry + one of the most iconic women of Freeset.


North of Kolkata, this district is one that is known to have a few issues surrounding trafficking of young girls to larger cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata. Desperation, corruption, and trickery, are just some of the ways in which this occurs, and each just as heartbreaking as the next.


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Over the weekend just passed, I was pretty excited to splash around in some cool water during the heat waves parching Kolkata, India, where I am currently living.

What made this even more exciting was the fact that ‘splashing around’ involved some of the guys here flooding a roof, setting up a bar, turning some music up, and handing out mango lassi’s in bamboo cups.

I thought that you might at least have some interest in how we manage to find large comforts in small packages. Also in pretty big packages like this!

I had a lot of fun running around, taking a few photographs, and capturing the moments that I will never forget.

All photos link back to my blog where you can read a bit more about this adventure I have taken on.